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With more than 60% of all internet users being based on a mobile platform, it’s important to understand that mobile apps are a key avenue for your business to capitalize on today’s on-the-go marketplace.

We have a detailed understanding of mobile app development and offer our clients industry leading mobile solutions. Our customized solutions to bring your ideas to life.

Our Process


We take the time to carefully review the scope of work to ensure a full understanding of any concept before beginning development


Once the concept blueprint (wireframe) is approved, we set about designing your app. We work with you to ensure the app is on par with your brand identity, using proper data analytics, working towards your end goal of a dynamic platform.


We have one goal in mind: building apps that get noticed. Our developers take time to ensure your app meets the user’s every need. They build easy to use products, ensuring that the end user has absolutely no problem using the app. Our aim is to improve user experience and productivity by providing bespoke mobile app solutions for multiple platforms and devices.


Our quality control process is present throughout the entire project with our engineers constantly testing the app for quality assurance.


We understand the importance of timely delivery. Before starting any project, start and end dates are agreed, and adjust your labels. Your labels can be in days or months.


The modifications and updates made occasionally by different platforms strengthening apps have led to the continual inspection of your app even after releasing it. This is known as application maintenance. Our approach to app maintenance services is holistic with our senior developers following standard app development practices which makes the maintenance of our clients’ mobile app easy.

We Make Your life Easier

  • With Enterprise Mobility, you only need to provide the details of your app concept, proposed targeted users, and its expected functionalities. No need to worry about API integration, toolkit premium upgrade or any other system compatibilities involved in the development of complicated Android and Apple mobile app with multiple functionalities. We have both the expertise and latest technology to successfully deliver your end product.
  • Irrespective of the complexity

  • Our client’s ideas are successfully transformed into reality by using tools like Android SDK, IOS, Apache Web Server, Git, SVN, Hiberte, Tomcat and others. Irrespective of the complexity of your proposed mobile app, our experienced developers will quickly create a model by incorporating leading industry approaches in developing your mobile app.
  • Application Live Stats

    At Enterprise Mobility, we understand the importance of statistical data to the development of your mobile application. We have the expertise to provide up-to-date statistical data and integration of mobile app Live Stats, which provides accurate statistics about active users of your app. This information reflects how the program is fairing and performing which is essential for maintaining and marketing any app and gives you the ability to project future trends.

    Who We Are

    We are a team of expert developers and designers that create professional, one of a kind, reliable apps intended to suit your business needs. By staying ahead of the industry curve, we are at the forefront of breakthrough technology development.

    These are the types of application services we offer in Dubai, UAE:

  • Mobile computing
  • Enterprise
  • IoT
  • Digital Signage
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning

Why awesome UI is as important as your project

UI means User Interface. It involves the design and looks of your mobile app. UI influence the UX (User Experience). That is, the looks, appearance, and design of your mobile are the major factors that define the user’s experience, and which will determine the decision of the user to continue using your mobile app or not.

All successful mobile apps have one thing in common; an efficient and attractive User Interface. While initial visual concept of an app is important, the mobile app UI layout and design must be emphasized, as a large part of an app’s success depends on the attractiveness of the UI. At Enterprise Mobility, our senior developers understand the psychology of the user, and are able to tap into that experience to ensure optimal design of your application.

Receive expert help from reliable professionals in Dubai, UAE!
No matter if you need a portfolio mobile app or if you are an enterprise that needs a professional commercial app, we can easily assist. We create one-of-a-kind applications on any mobile platform, while being focused on value and efficiency. Moreover, we provide retina support, the very best performance and tremendous quality, all of that in a single and comprehensive package


contacted Enterprise Mobility a couple of years ago and they have been doing all my offshore projects since then, their team is well qualified and highly professional. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to expand in house capabilities.” Frank L. Baumer, CEO
Being a mother of two kids is not easy, especially if you give them your iPhone to play with. I faced the same problem, one of my kids often misplaced my iPhone and I had to spend hours to find it! But not anymore, thanks to the iSeeker app for iPhone. Now my iPhone has become alive and identifies itself whenever I call its name, thanks Enterprise Mobility for such a brilliant idea!” Alice, Mother

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