Block-Chain Technology Solutions in Dubai

Enterprise Mobility develops a wide range of distributed ledger technology such as public and private blockchain architectures, cryptocurrencies, hash algorithms, and individual nodes. We also offer Proof of Work, Proof of Concept, and Proof of Stake consensus protocols, effectively eradicating double-spending errors. We use tools such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other blockchain as a Service tools to create a secure decentralized web technology that your business can depend on for sensitive transactions.

Blockchain Software Development

We program blockchain software for web and mobile integration. Our developers use APIs, SDKs, open documentation and other forms of blockchain technology to create modular and custom apps that deliver cryptocurrency functionality for mobile apps and websites. We integrate APIs from top blockchain app developers and exchanges such as Coinbase, Fctom, ChromaWay, and Neurowave.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

We develop highly intuitive and secure blockchain smart contracts for a wide range of industries such as eCommerce, real estate, supply chain management, finance, gaming industry, online TV, tourism, and so on. We program smart contracts for generation of letters of credit for international business deals, verifying insurance eligibility, loan registration, and approval, protection of intellectual and proprietary knowledge, among others. We also develop solutions for monitoring smart contract performance and data integrity. We also code blockchain-based banking solutions such as Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer protocols, e-payment systems, international trade, and commerce software, as well as identity verification applications.

Blockchain Mining Software

We develop blockchain mining software that runs on customized or general cryptocurrency mining machines for the enhanced integrity of the distributed ledger using double-round hash verification and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit chips. In addition to boosting computational speed, we also create highly intuitive miner performance interfaces and decentralized networks for seamless coordination among multiple mining pools and mining farms.

Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Applications

We offer blockchain wallets and exchange applications for web, mobile, and desktop functionality. We integrate functions such as public and private keys autogeneration, online purchase, trading and investing in blockchain tokens and cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and more. Our blockchain apps feature a high level of security and encryption.