EM Android Kiosks Systems Solutions

Enterprise Mobility offers most comprehensive advanced Android Kiosks System Solution having most innovative multiple advanced functionalities to full fill all major customer requirements. EM Android Kiosks are elegantly designed with most stylish looks, so that it gets fit at most of the commercial or non- commercial business environments like in Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and Banks etc.

EM Android Kiosks are integrated with powerful hardware and Cloud based CMS solutions with cloud signage software, which can be utilized for multiple purpose, and they also provide features such as robust case, VESA mounting, SD and 4G SIM card protection system, anti-theft system, back hidden quick control buttons, high-quality stereo audio output.

EM Android Kiosks comes in various sizes, few of them are as follows:

  • EM Android 42" kiosk
  • EM Android 47" kiosk
  • EM Android 55" kiosk

Most Featured and Advanced RK3288 Quad core Processor

The EM Android Kiosks are equipped with most featured and advanced RK3288 Quad core Processor with Cortex A9 chipset technology, supporting latest optimized package with ARM artisan processor. The cloud signage software shows exceptional results on it. In EM Android Kiosk Apps are launched instantly and run smoothly at first instant, it has 1GB (2GB optional) double-channel DDR3 memory

Best Quality Multi-Touch Tempered Glass Panel

We have developed highly advanced and stylish small and medium-sized, EM Android Kiosk system solutions which are featured with capacitive multi touch panel. The capacitive touch panel is made of scratch-free tempered glass, and it is presented with double-deck glass process having advanced laser carving. The multi touch panel responses fast and accurately without dead corners, facilitating consumers to easily interact with your designed app providing best user experience.

Our large-sized EM Android Kiosk system solutions are featured with IR multi touch panel, with the most accurate and consistent touch sensing capabilities. The IR touch panel consists of a touch frame, which is installed in front of the panel and it is integrated with a printed circuit board, which contains a line of IR-LEDs and photo transistors which are hidden behind the bezel of the touch frame.

Most Advanced Android 10 OS

EM Android Kiosks system solutions is developed most advanced Android 10, Operating System which applies on all new processing architecture, further it has most advanced dual core processor, which is quite helpful for improving hardware performance. EM Android Kiosk dual-core processor and Android 10 OS, has very rapid webpage opening rate, app installation app loading, video and photo loading speed. Our designed Android Kiosk system solutions can easily be used to run most advanced Android applications, which can also be downloaded from Android App Store.

Attractive Design with Stylish Looks

Our design EM Android Kiosk system solutions is designed with high-quality ABS cases having partial rubber injection, which greatly improves the resistance of the tablet..Our medium and large-sized Android Kiosk system solutions are designed with high-quality powder-coated metal case with aluminum border which makes the designs quite attractive with stylish looks.

Best Support for Full HD, Flash and HTML5 Videos

EM Android Kiosk smoothly plays 4K videos, and it is fully compatible with 1080P videos in all kinds of formats like: TS, H.264, WMV, MPEG4, etc. Our deigned Kiosk also support Adobe Flash 11.0 and HTML5 animation technology, which can be easily accessed with the help of dynamic webpage, and on-line videos or games.

Fully Integrated Cloud Based EM CMS Solution

Our designed EM Android Kiosk comes with our best designed and developed cloud based CMS solution which can be easily installed on all our tablets. Our designed EM Android Kiosks can be easily optimized as default auto start app with full screen display option, without the menu bar ,or with the SD Card stored media files, which can be easily set up in auto repeat loop mode (repeat one, repeat all, or playlist repeat) once connected to power.

EM Android Kiosk comes with most advanced and innovative features such as motion sensor activation, auto power on and off, password protection, USB auto copy, data performance report, and it is also compatible with a wide range of third-party CMS, EM Android Kiosk possess the best android-based cloud signage display.

The Auto play designed apps automatically starts running once EM Android Kiosk is connected with power, with featured options like:

  • Full screen display of app without Android menu bar
  • Password protection
  • Cloud Signage software
  • Auto power on and off at designated time
  • Auto SD card content update by USB key
  • Optional motion sensor function