Embedded Systems

As a leading provider of embedded systems technology solutions Provider Company, we deliver cutting-edge product and application development beyond traditional enterprise software offerings. Our in-house team of engineers has dominated embedded software and application development for all major platforms.

Our Solutions

We always emphasized on creating sophisticated interactive consumer products for our customer in UAE And all over world. Our team has expertise in development of embedded systems and for building custom mobile applications with fully integrated embedded systems. Our areas of specialization include

  • Embedded Systems Designing
  • Application Development and Integration in Time

Fully Integrated Solutions

We have provided seamless integration between the mobile application and the environment of the integrated system that ensures physical stability of high-performance robust features such as GPS, remote monitoring and control products shipped. Our talented team has deep experience in developing social applications and deployment, we can create applications for embedded, which can be fully integrated with the major social networks.

Our Expertise

If you are developing products and customized solutions that requires storage in embedded devices, implementation of the device driver or software for digital television, card reader and medical devices, Enterprise mobility has the relevant experience and skilled engineers for it.

Below you will find a selection of our storage experience:

  • Windows, embedded Linux, Mac OSX and Android Drivers
  • Digital TV software's (like Java TV, Sage TV)
  • iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows hardware Integration
  • Card readers -POS devices integration
  • iPhone/Android/BB integration with Racing equipment
  • Integration of Healthcare devices (heart rate monitor, running/tracking)
  • Implementation of In flight entertainment systems