EM Mini Stopper 4.3"

Mini Stopper 4.3" is an exceptional highly advanced and elegantly designed product for customers, who want to display High Definition quality informative / marketing content to their privileged customers in highly attractive way. It has specifically developed & designed 4C Euro scale printed front PVC sticker with UV coating, which is quite helpful to different companies to display their respective brand and with advance eye-catching graphics as required for ideal advertisement.

Innovative Activation with Push Button

Mini Stopper in elegantly designed to display advertisement in best possible way, to attract maximum customers attention and properly communicate marketing material for business advancement. Mini Stopper comes with blinking button, by which customers are intrigued to press the button and the advertising messages are delivered in best way. Mini Stopper comes with most advance optional DC 9-12V Input Power Adapter which is quite ideal for any advance business environment.

Power full 6 C-cell Battery

Power consumption plays an important role, when customer are aiming to display advertisements or marketing content for long intervals. Time Intervals matters a lot in case, when customers want to display multiple advertisements in short span of time. Mini Stopper 4.3" comes with most advanced 6 C-cell battery having up to 3, 360 times activations of a 15 second movie, and most amazingly, no electrical cable is required for its battery-powered display. It comes with flexible placement options, the customers can place it anywhere in their shops without concern for electricity supply.

Innovative Playback Mode

Mini Stopper 4.3" is designed with multiple Play back modes which can be easily customized as per user requirements. It comes with 2 selectable playback modes (M1, M2) In M1 mode, the device will remain in stand-by mode with blinking button, until the button is pushed and advertising video clips or image slideshows will be displayed for one-time from SD card .In M2 mode, the advertising video clips or image slideshow plays in a continuous loop, when customers push the button, a second group of videos or slideshow will be activated,

Quick Control Button Solutions

Mini Stopper 4.3" is specifically designed to gain maximum customer attraction from a long distance. It is sophisticatedly designed with attractive quick control button solution. Mini Stopper has 5 quick control buttons on the back, which can be easily manipulated with different parameter of colors, brightness, contrast, and volumes as per customer requirements.