EM Android Multi- Touch Tables

Enterprise Mobility offers most comprehensive, advanced Multi-Touch Table solutions, which are elegantly designed and developed by highly skilled and experienced team of designers and engineers, who have expertise to implement most complex and comprehensive Multi-Touch Tables business solutions at flexible business locations. Our EM Tables are elegantly designed with highly creative and color full, stylish shapes that take minimum space at most of business environments.

EM Android Multi-touch is specifically designed and developed for retail and public usage. Our designed Tables comes in variable sizes and it can be easily utilized for multiple purposes, through which you can easily manage most of the complex business functionalities with in no time, like they can be easily utilized for handling, educational activities, entertainment activities, communications purpose, product selling and for preparing presentations, etc

Multiple Usability Purposes

Let multi-touch technology transform your ordinary bar, counter, wall or retail stores into an interactive multi-touch surface. The customers can easily use hand and finger gestures to interact with multi-media content, access corporate information, play games, create special effects, manipulate art and photographs, and even view advertising, in a truly unique and compelling way

Fully customizable High-performance industrial-grade CPU

EM Multi-Touch Table solutions comes with High-performance industrial-grade CPU motherboard modules which are ideal for running highly interactive media services and they are also available with a choice of three standard processing models.

Fully Integrated Cloud Based Enterprise Mobility CMS Solution

Our designed EM Android Table comes with our best designed and developed cloud based CMS solution which can be easily installed on all of our tablets. Our designed EM Android tables can be easily optimized as default auto start app with full screen display option, without the menu bar ,or with the SD Card stored media files, which can be easily set up in auto repeat loop mode (repeat one, repeat all, or playlist repeat) once connected to power.

EM Android Table comes with most advanced and innovative features such as motion sensor activation, auto power on and off, password protection, USB auto copy, data performance report, and it is also compatible with a wide range of third-party CMS, EM Android Table possess the best android-based cloud signage display.

Most Advanced Android 10 OS

EM Android table system solution is developed most advanced Android 10, Operating System which applies on all new processing architecture, further it has most advanced quad core processor, which is quite helpful for improving hardware performance. EM Android table quad-core processor and Android 10 OS, has very rapid webpage opening rate, app installation app loading, video and photo loading speed. Our designed Android table system solutions can easily be used to run most advanced Android applications, which can also be downloaded from Android App Store.

Attractive Design with Stylish Looks

Our designed EM Android multi- touch system solutions are designed with removable feet to be dispatched easily to you location. Our high class, elegantly designed Android multi-touch table comes with high quality metal coating case with 10mm highly secured glass on the top.