EM Shelf Wide 14.9" S149W

Enterprise Mobility Shelf Wide 14.9" S149 is recognized as an amazing product for organizations and entrepreneurs who are looking for Wide Frame Display oriented product. This product is specially designed to provide our customer amazing and attractive experience at first sight, its stylish looks is specifically designed to help our clients who want to bring new and advanced technological advancement in their company.

Our elegantly designed EM Shelf 14.8" is specifically designed to smoothly run amazing advertisement and other movies in the organization, its power coated metallic case identifies it as most advance and innovative product to manage advertisement activities in the organization. Our uniquely designed Shelf Wide 14.9" tablet allows companies to most appropriately represent their message to customers and attract them to their products and services. EM Shelf comes with most advanced features like motion sensors with audio/video output, and it automatically gets activated when human body is detected nearby the frame. Its advanced remote control helps in properly manages motion sensors functionalities and easily manage time interval of animations / movies with exceptional HD Media Player. EM Shelf has an exceptional support for running 1920 x 1080 full HD quality videos with most attractive bright, sharp and clear images with best quality results.

Innovative SD Storage and Play Back options

EM shelf offerssupport to run HD quality movies with vibrant screens and most amazingly it has exceptional SD storage and Play back options to help customers enjoy exceptional banners, photographs and colorful illustrations. EM shelf is elegantly built and designed to provide intuitive interface and it helps to run favorite content with most interactive simplified interface. EM shelf is specifically designed to utilize, SD storage options which are helpful to store and manage data in SD card.

Automatic USB management

EM Shelf comes with uniquely designed automatic USB Management system in which all of media files are automatically updated whenever a USB/ Memory card is inserted in the usb port. It makes users hustle free, the user doesn’t has to go through different screens to update file. Its exceptional processor and data manipulation rate makes it stand out from other major products available in the market.

Innovative Auto Loop and Play back options

EM Shelf has an exceptional Auto loop and play back options to facilitate users and make them hustle free from adjusting each movie individually, It’s Auto loop and play back options atomically get activated whenever, it gets connected with power. It comes with advanced user friendly accessories like remote control with highly managed quick control buttons for managing media in Auto loop and play back options.

EM Shelf comes with artistically designed user interface, offering user to demonstrate High Quality pictures and run High definition movies with tremendous auto loop and play back options which can be expanded horizontally and vertically with customizable time intervals.

Shelf Adjustment and Mounting Solutions

EM Shelf is specifically designed to cater of all mounting problems, which customers do face while mounting the product on a customizable location. It comes with elegantly shelf adjustable mounting options which make it standout from other products in the market.