EM Stopper 7"

EM Stopper 7" is specifically designed to gain maximum customers attraction and display your marketing content by most exceptional ways. It is ideal for customers, how are looking for small but effective ideal marketing display unit with highly advance hardware features. It comes with most innovative Push Button Activation feature in which its button automatically, start blinking, and customers are intrigued to press the button and the advertising messages are delivered to them. It has 4C Euro-scale printed carton rigid board, which displays highly attractive eye-catching display with vivid graphic and brand image.

6 C-cell Powered Battery

Stopper 7" is ideal product, if you are looking for Powered Battery products, which can effectively play all marketing content in best possible way. It comes with 6 C-cell batteries having 1,800 times activations of a 15-secord movie and no electrical cable is required for this battery-powered display. And the battery can also be charged with normal DC power adapter for continuous power supply.

Playback option with SD Storage Card Options

Stopper 7" allows users to customize playing options in most effective ways. Users can effectively manage movies/ advertisement with play back option. Stopper 7" is elegantly built to effectively manage multiple advertisements with different time intervals. It supports changeable SD card with a quality cover for protection, which helps the customer to choose different memory sizes in terms of flash memory, which can also be updated any time.

Shelf Adjustment and Mounting Solutions

Stopper 7" is designed with highly flexible self adjustment and mounting options to effectively communicate your message to the desired audience. While developing this outstanding unique product, we have taken all the differences into consideration and developed unique adjustable and secure mounting system solutions.